On-Demand Storage Solution for Urban Residents

On-Demand Storage Solution for Urban Residents
Customer Challenge

A Google funded tech start-up wanted to innovate and power the On-Demand Storage Industry with its SaaS Platform. Their key goal was:

  • Faster time-to-market for product iterations
  • Global delivery team to optimize budget
  • Build MVP within the first 3 months for iterations with user community
Solution Implemented

Built a CCL with customer that started with 5 resources and scaled to peak of 15 resources. Allowed flexibility to ramp up or down the team size as per their requirement, along the development life cycle and product Iterations.

Outcome Delivered
  • Built MVP in first 10 weeks. Allowed client to get additional funding
  • Built a distributed agile team with resources scaling rapidly and changing the skill mix to adapt with development life cycle needs
  • A 16×5 development model in place to ensure continuous productivity – Time to Market being the Key.
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