SaaS solution to improve compliance for healthcare providers in the U.S.

Improved compliance by healthcare providers
Customer Challenge

Each day delay in provider onboarding costs medical groups $10,122.  Healthcare providers are burdened by the credentialing process required for Doctors, Nurses, Technicians etc. by different insurance carriers. Huge amount manual work is required to complete paper forms, follow-ups, regular compliance monitoring and results to unnecessary costs, rejected claims or delayed payments. 

Solution Implemented

Co-developed and built a complete cloud-based multi-tenant credentialing solution for growing medical groups ground up using a globally distributed agile delivery team. The solution had built in workflows, repository, and automation around auto population of required forms based on state and local needs.

Outcome Delivered
  • Customers (provider organizations) were able to eliminate manual processes resulting in error reduction, compliance adherence and cost savings.
  • Product is used by 300+ provider organizations with over 40,000 physicians using the application
  • Was the first web-based credentialing application in the market
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