Increase operational efficiencies and improve patient experiences through the effective use of AI, data, and platforms.

Transforming healthcare delivery

Improving patient experiences while optimizing operational efficiencies can only be realized with the combination of data, AI, and workflows that are integrated with the overall technology ecosystem in your organization. At NStarX we have been enabling healthcare organizations for over a decade to realize their objectives.

Build Integrated experiences

  • Design and build digital solutions
  • Rearchitect legacy applications
  • Leverage data to improve patient experience

Leverage AI to improve Patient Care

  • Use AI/ML to improve patient outcomes
  • Build scalable AI Platform

Improve operational efficiency

  • Improve productivity with process automation
  • Supercharge process performance with AI

Build Integrated experiences

Our expertise in experience design, product engineering, AI and our domain understanding of the healthcare space allows us to build unique and compelling experiences for your customers. We have the experience of building early-stage prototypes for validation to launching enterprise SaaS products in the healthcare space.

Design and build digital solutions

Digital solutions can offer patients easier access to manage their health. Solutions like remote monitoring, access to medical information or health tracking through wearable devices, can help deliver better patient care and more personalized treatment plans. In addition, digital solution can streamline administrative tasks, reduce wait times, and connect patients with support groups, ultimately improving patient experiences, accessibility to care, and overall well-being. We can help you build engaging and effective solutions to meet your organization’s needs.

Rearchitect legacy applications

Rearchitecting legacy healthcare applications involves leveraging latest architecture patterns for improved performance, scalability, security, and user experience. Our experience assessing existing systems, rearchitecting with microservices and cloud technologies, migrating and integrating data, enhancing user interfaces, ensuring security and compliance with regulations like HIPAA, and rigorous testing and quality assurance can help you modernize your legacy application with confidence.

Leverage data to improve patient experience

Today patients generate more data about their health that in any other time in history. To unlock the value from the data and improve the health and wellness of individuals requires harnessing the data, apply analytics and machine learning to derive inferences and integrate the inferences within the care path of the individual is important. Leverage our data, analytics and AI capabilities to improve patient experience.

Leverage AI to improve Patient Care

In healthcare, patients are at the core. Your ability to improve patient out come is critical in today’s age where patients expect better care and transparency. AI technologies can help you improve patient care; be it reducing errors in the administrative processes or accelerating diagnosis to help care providers make decisions faster. NStarX has helped healthcare organizations achieve these goals and can do the same for you.

Use AI/ML to improve patient outcomes

AI can help improve patient outcomes through patient monitoring, disease detection and diagnosis, personalized treatments, clinical decision support, image analysis (DICOM images) for diagnostics, and reduction of medical errors. At NStarX we have the experience of helping healthcare organization build AI solution that help improve patient care.

Build scalable AI Platform

AI platforms need to adhere a few core tenants like regulatory compliance (like HIPAA, GDPR etc.), real-time processing, interoperability, AI asset management, collaboration, and a good serving infrastructure apart from the basis architectural patterns of a typical platform.  Our expertise in building multiple global AI allows us to help you build the right platform that meets your unique needs.

Improve operational efficiency

Improving operational can be achieved through streamlined data management, automating administrative tasks to reduce manual workload, leveraging data analytics to identify operational bottlenecks and optimize resource allocation, and improving collaboration across healthcare teams to ensure timely decision-making and coordinated care delivery. We have helped healthcare organization simplify and automate processes that have resulting in significant cost optimization and workload reduction in their organization. How can we do the same for you?

Improve productivity with process automation

Process automation using workflows can simplifies appointment scheduling, patient registration, and billing processes, reducing manual effort and errors. Automation can ensure timely notifications, improving patient adherence. It can also optimize inventory management, preventing shortages, accelerates data entry and record keeping, and enhance data accuracy and retrieval amongst other potential opportunities. Overall, process automation enhances efficiency by saving time, reducing costs, and enhancing patient and staff satisfaction. Do you have any process that can benefit from process automation?

Supercharge process performance with AI

AI can enhance healthcare operational efficiency by automating administrative tasks, optimizing resource allocation, and predicting patient demand. You can analyze data for insights to streamline workflows, improve scheduling, and reduce wait times. AI-driven chatbots can handle routine inquiries, freeing up staff for more critical tasks. Diagnostic AI aids in faster and accurate diagnosis, while predictive analytics anticipates equipment maintenance needs. Overall, AI transforms processes, minimizes errors, and enhances patient care delivery. How can we help you leverage AI to supercharge your automation.

Results delivered

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NStarX leadership are practitioners. They bring in thought leadership and velocity to the execution without compromising on the quality of deliverables. Their communications and leadership styles are incredibly easy to work with, we truly benefit from 24 hours of continuous development, testing, and leadership brainstorming.
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We’ve been happy customers of NStarX for over a year and have experienced what it means to be a true partner. They are very responsive to our needs and work with us to find the right solution. The skilled resources complement our teams, and any challenges are quickly discussed and remediated. We are looking at expanding our engagement with NStarX because of their ability to deliver. We trust NStarX to deliver high quality outcomes continue to be dependable and productive partner.
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