Full featured cloud based workplace productivity solution for the global SMB space

Collaboration suite for the SMB market
Customer Challenge

Build a workplace suite for the SMB market that allows users to collaborate using basis features like email, chat, video conferencing and allows for task management, secure document sharing, and workflows. Key goal for the product is to build a solution that is affordable for SMB customers, but provide the capability, scalability, and performance of an enterprise solution.

Solution Implemented

AWS based cloud native solution, that is optimizes for resource usage to reduce cost of infrastructure. The solution is built for scalability and is multi-tenant and multi-region to ensure compliance with data compliance regulations.

Outcome Delivered
  • Cost Optimized for PaaS usage cost, software license cost and optimizes individual resource usage as well as cloud infrastructure to maintain a competitive pricing model.
  • Built for a global audience, supporting multiple languages e.g., English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese, time zones, and local preferences.
  • Implements robust security measures to protect sensitive data, user authentication, and secure communication.
  • Extendable through easy integration with third-party systems and APIs, that users to connect and extend its functionality as needed.
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