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NStarX leadership are practitioners. They bring in thought leadership and velocity to the execution without compromising on the quality of deliverables. Their communications and leadership styles are incredibly easy to work with, we truly benefit from 24 hours of continuous development, testing, and leadership brainstorming.
Publicly Listed HealthTech Company
We’ve been happy customers of NStarX for over a year and have experienced what it means to be a true partner. They are very responsive to our needs and work with us to find the right solution. The skilled resources complement our teams, and any challenges are quickly discussed and remediated. We are looking at expanding our engagement with NStarX because of their ability to deliver. We trust NStarX to deliver high quality outcomes continue to be dependable and productive partner.
VP - Information Technology
Industrial Equipment Company
I have worked with the NStarX team since 2010. As a bootstrapped startup, they helped me to keep my development costs under control without compromising on the quality or speed which is so critical for success as a startup. They helped me build several brand-new web-based healthcare applications that went on to be commercially successful and popular with our user base. Our biggest success was our Cloud healthcare credentialing system which in a very short period of time, became one of the leading credentialing solutions in the market with more than 300 customers and 50,000 users on the platform. This Solution was finally acquired by a publicly listed leading healthcare company in late 2019. The team was great in every way, no matter what product we were creating, they were technically competent, very responsive, and went out of their way to make sure we were on track in terms of the deliverables and timelines. It was a great journey and the NStarX team was an integral part of our success. I would highly recommend them to anybody!
HealthTech Startup
I have worked with NStarX, Inc. for over 3 years and the team has exceeded my expectation. They are very easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable and competent on what they do. I look forward to continuing to work with them.
Software Product Company
Raj Kolhe
CEO, Cardio Cognetics
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